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Sweet Samson. Samson passed away over a year ago and he was such a loving, kind, gentle soul. Everyone loved him and he was the best dog for giving hugs too. 
Samson was my parents dog and I did this portrait for them as a Christmas gift.  It can't replace Samson, but the words about him can be read every day, and that fills up our hearts with love over and over again. 


I didn't get to meet Breezy, but her story is so inspiring! She was used as a puppy mill mom and luckily was able to be rescued and sent to her forever home. 

Breezy was in Colorado when she was rescued and her owner made the long drive just to bring her to his home where she was finally loved. Breezy lived out her days being spoiled with all the love she deserved. 


Oh Kramer! Just look at that adorable face! Kramer passed away and will never be forgotten. He was commissioned by his owners mom as a Christmas gift. 

Kramer was a gentle giant and the most loving, kind, boy. I love big dogs so I really wish I had a chance to have met him. I would have loved a big ole hug from him. You are missed by your family every day sweet Kramer.


Groomer to Groomer

I'm super excited about this cute little dog! Not because the owner asked me to do this portrait, but because I was asked to do this dog for the COVER of a popular dog magazine! 
In March 2020, look for this on the cover of Groomer to Groomer Magazine! 


Cute little Suki! Suki is a little Yorkie that lives in Denver, CO. She's just a tiny little thing but in creating her, I can tell she is small but sassy...and adorable! 

Suki was custom made for her daddy's birthday gift and I hope he loves it! Her mom had this to say...

" She's so beautiful! You made me cry at work!  This will be something that I know that will hang in our home forever!"


This is Gizmo, or Gizzie for short. He was named by my oldest son after the Gremlins movie. 

Gizzie is a beautiful cat! However, Gizzie is a cat with a big attitude! So his words are all about his snooty temperament, all with love of course! 

My son is now moved out, and Gizzie has become my daughter's favorite pet. 



Sweet Cloey is a beautiful chocolate lab. Her mom ordered her as a gift for her dad's Christmas/birthday gift! 
"You truly captured her! Thats our girl!"
Cloey is so loved and so special and I could tell by her sweet, loving eyes that she is truly a special girl. 


Sweet Loki passed away not too long ago. I didn't know him, but his sweet face says a lot about him. 

This portrait was a commissioned gift for Loki's mom. Loki was truly loved by her and I feel honored that I was able to create a beautiful portrait for his mom. 

Sage copy2.jpg


Meet Sage! Sage is a beautiful paint horse that I was lucky enough to get to meet before I did his portrait! He is so gentle and loving, he melted my heart. 

I think Sage might be tied with the elephant for the most words used to create a portrait! His horsey kisses well made up for it! I can't wait to get more velvet nose kisses from him!