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Updated: Apr 7

Hi! Welcome to the new blog location. I hope you find it, still like it, and will keep coming back for more. I started a new site location because I was having such extreme difficulty in doing life, let alone keeping up with a blog, so I let the other site go. I'm sure if you are here, you know that keeping up with life in general is sometimes overwhelming, or how I felt was that everything about life was just so hard to do. It was hard to clean house, hard to get out of my chair, hard to take a shower, hard to be honest about what I was feeling...hard to blog.

So this is the very reason I am back and blogging again. Life was hard, and now it's manageable and I want to make sure to reach out to as many people as I can who have felt the same way, or who are feeling that way now. We all need to stick together because we are pretty much the only people who understand each other and 'get it'. No one here will say "get over it" or "just get up and and do something" ... or insert anything you've been told here "______________".

I am here to talk about my mental illness, share with you the things that have helped me and the things that haven't, and to share with you my journey of having a service dog...only in these new blogs you will journey with me while I raise a new service dog puppy! Heartlee had to be retired. My anxiety got to be too much for him and he developed sever anxiety, and therefore going places

was just too much for him. So without further ado, I would like

to introduce you to FINLEE!

Please share our journey through learning about training tasks, living with mental illness, watch our mishaps, and funny times, while we grow together as a service dog time.

Always remember that you are not alone in whatever it is that you are feeling. Thank you for being here...

and as always, Keep Calm and Panic On!

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