Stephanie E'amato

Stephanie E'amato and her service dog Heartlee
My dog, Heartlee and Me!

I’m pretty sure I was born with a pencil in my hand. According to my mom, all I ever did when I was little was draw. However, my memories of childhood are different. I remember always bringing home stray dogs, only to be told that I had to take them back to where I found them, with my heart breaking each and every time! This might be why all of my drawings from when I was little are of animals! Drawing and animals have always been my thing I guess, and that has worked out really well in my adult life, (although now I am the mom always telling my son to take back the stray dogs he brings home! Pay backs!).


In junior high school my teacher always loved my drawings, which were of animals. He told me, “we always draw best, what we like best!”.  Those words have always stayed with me, and its true…I do like animals better than people. This is a good thing because now I am able to put my two favorite things together to create unique and beautiful art.


I came about creating these unique portraits in a very round about way. I was working on lettering (like calligraphy) and I had a friend ask me if I could create an apple shape with specific words in it. “ABSOLUTELY”, I said, and I went to work trying to figure out how to do it, because I had never done it before! Long story short, I took that first attempt at lettering within a simple shape.  Getting bored with its simplicity fairly quickly, I decided to create something better and more exciting with words. Something that was far more dramatic and real looking. I went from lettering the shape of fruit, to lettering a horse, to lettering my dog, and each time I pushed myself harder to make each portrait more realistic. And wa-la…WORDimagery™, a unique way to create portraits, was born! All out of a love of art, and animals! It took me a long time to get to this place. Now I am able to combine my two loves into one and created a way to make beautiful art for others, but it was well worth the journey!